The Milk Float Thread

Wonder if it’s more down to job losses than tech issues?

Just had my first gentle disagreement with the car charging system.

Driving from Portishead to home, battery starts at 35%. Suggests I charge at Membury, at which point the battery will be on 6%. I’m sceptical, but ok.

Then I see signs that there is a 45 minute delay on the M4, before I reach Membury. Sorry but no, I’m stopping at the arse end of Cribbs to sit in an industrial estate for ten minutes.


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Thought this was an interesting article on the leap ahead made by the Chinese in electric car tech and its availability.

There was an article in the Indy the other day about a 140 million ton reserve of Lithium found in the USA, an ancient caldera. If it can be mined it would dominate global supply.

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Shame thats behind a pay wall. £55 a month, are you a subscriber?

FT links are very weird. If I click direct from their Twitter link it is free to read. But I can post the same link here and it will be paywalled :person_shrugging:

Try going via this first



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Free Tesla in Bedford if anyone wants it :+1:t2:


I just found a cracking place to charge just 5 minutes off junction 22. 8 x 150 KW chargers.

It’s at Sanders Garden centre.

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I might have done a thing…



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Salary sacrifice?

Hope the battery life of your phone isn’t a prophecy. :wink:

Seriously is this going to be your daily run around, or only car.


Daily driver. Keeping the P-car for fun.


Where are you going to charge it?


I reckon having an excuse to take the Pork out once a week is no bad thing! Although I imagine he can charge at work, and there’s a supercharger near his work as well.


It appears that used iPaces are not selling for a lot at the moment.