The Milk Float Thread

I forget if I chucked a photo in here yet, but in case not, here’s Mrs Craig’s wheels

(Its Q8 55 etron, in case anyone was wondering)



Probably should have tested before buying one but tall (6’8”) child fits.


can anyone get in the front without kissing the windscreen now though?

Wife is 5’10”, she had plenty of room. He wouldn’t get behind me though.

Hoping for some advice re future proofing a garage consumer unit I need to fit

We don’t have ev but thought we might one day, is it worth buying a bigger than usual garage cu? And if so any suggestions for which one?

I know very little…but you’ll need the fuse before the metre upgraded…only the elec supplier can do it for you. They’ll put it up from 60 to 80.

Been reading a bit and my think8ng is to not bother, seems they all want different things (charger suppliers) so will just ru a pipe and rope under the courtyard so we can pull through whatever they spec when I get round to an ev (which I may never do)

If you need to fit one, it is probably worth having a number of spare circuits for charging, PV, heat pumps etc. just anyway. Compared to the cost of installation I wouldn’t have thought a few more breakers would up the cost significantly.

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Mine is £220

This year… :smirk:


Todays right wing (*) nutter EV scare: fights at chargers.

Would pay money to see the milk float fights with the people on here…

(*) story found in the Fail and the Torygraph only.


Mark next time he hits the road for a football match?

My Milkfloat is biggest, so I win! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That is how to identify lies


Tesla Service just called.

After confirming I was dropping it off tomorrow for some free bits and bobs they told me I had a £70 uber voucher if I wanted it. No charge.

Might take two hours so it’s a nice touch to get me home and back if I decide not to wait.

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That’s for when they tell you its unsafe to drive, and the replacenent part is on back order for 3 months.


Some steering wheel column mods and a new air filter.
All gravy.

If they are giving you £70 how much profit is there in the service