The new Peugeot 3008


I misread this as Peugeot 300B. What does it sound like ? Loads of low-order distortion but actually not bad for something designed when we were still a bit clueless ?



It looks very nice in Brown.


Why are most of the photos from the rear quarter. It’s front is equally smart…

It has a lovely smile :heart_eyes:


The only good thing about it is that it will have self destructed in a couple of years, ugly piece of polluting crap. The Diesel is one of the worst available.


:disappointed: I know, but we were following advice at the time and the Poo-Go was seen as being good for the environment in 2011. You’re not wrong about self-destruct either. It is like the car is decrepit for no particular reason other than the French built it…


This. We had a 3-door Citroen AX some while back, felt like it was made of papier mache and foil - very glad I never had a smash in it, or it would prolly have gone like the foil off the Sunday roast when you’ve screwed it up to go in the bin…


I suppose it depends if you are a bum or boobs kinda guy :wink:


I loved my AX GT. Fond memories of the days when cars were light, agile and quick. These days all you get are over-weight, over-powered barges.


I had an AXGT when I was 18. When you went over 100mph the interior trim buzzed and rattled so much the glove box used to fly open.


Forgot to add death traps to the list.


That’s what made them exciting. All these airbags and crumple zones dull the excitement these days.


Indeed. And knowing you don’t have them focuses the mind on driving safely rather than like an invulnerable cunt in a Range Rover.


:+1: Fixt a bit


You should petition for the return of chariot racing.


Lol, pining for shity little cars built in the late 80s and early 90’s.

The good old days…


Haha, if you’re going to be an organ donor you might as well have a bike.


Safety is for the frightened. 80s cars may have been flimsy, but the AX was so much better to drive than my shite A3.


I have one, thanks. Had bikes since 1977, not donated any organs yet.


You’re only saying that because in those days you had a light blue Austin Maestro 1.3L.


You should get a DeLorean then you can fuck off back to the 80s :smiley: