The new Peugeot 3008


Really fucking slowly whilst burning half the nations oil reserves, even before you switch on the flux capacitor.


You know that’s incorrect.


Sorry, 1.1L.


I’m flying the flag for old shitty cars with our 17 yr old micra, it’ll fold like a tin can in a crash, no abs, no pretensioners, no side impact systems, just a single airbag in the steering wheel which may or may not work after all these years. While it drives well, it is borderline scary on the motorway with 2 tonne barges charging past.


now you’re just embarrassing yourself, they didn’t offer it with a 1.1L


I get that - ours wasn’t a GT so didn’t have too much to recommend it, apart from 50mpg.

Completely agree re modern cars; it’s pretty hard to find any of them attractive bar the lottery level Astons, Ferraris etc. Most of my journeys are via one or other of these:

st4s smallPeerless GT

I’d guess the Peerless is probably surprisingly like the AX GT; ~850kg, 125 bhp, very responsive and corners flat - great fun when the road is open and twisty :sunglasses:


Is that a kit car?


Nope. Ducati have never made kits! For the other one, check out:


Rich words coming from someone who owns/owned a Suzuki Jimny?


But the Jimny can actually go off road. So there is a payback for he disadvantages (tall, wobbly, not aerodynamic, not space efficient etc etc.) With the mock-roaders you just get the minuses.


Is that a bit like saying my car is a flying car, because I could drive it off a cliff?


Had a shitroen BX TZD - one of, if not the first diesel car that moved quicker than an asthmatic snail, unreliable piece of shit with it’s hydrospastic suspension finally going utterly hatstand and jacking itself up every time you applied the brakes, scrapped it as the fucker wouldn’t rust away as it was made of plastic.
Next was a brand new Poo-Go 406 coupe with a petrol v6, pissed petrol everywhere thanks to a fuel filter becoming porous and blew engine sensors regularly. That went back to the lease company as they wanted 10k to keep it and it had overheating issues by then.
Stupidly a few years later I bought it’s successor a 407 coupe 2.7 diesel, well equipped and comfy but again engine sensors failed randomly, the gearbox lunched itself and bits of the interior started falling off. Eventually it developed a horrendous whine at 50mph that made it undriveable so it sat on the road outside the house for 6 months until I handed it back under halves and thirds.
I’ll never touch a french car again, the BX I have fond memories of as it was a laugh to drive and very , very comfortable but it was just too much hassle to live with in the long run.

If you want a car buy korean or japanese according to your budget, the 2 kias we’ve had have been relatively issue free and the problems have always been fixed under warranty. Japanese cars have their idiosyncrasies but the only one that’s ever let me down was a 200sx that i launched over a railway crossing and cracked the sump, then stupidly kept running for a few months by trying to pour oil in as fast as it leaked out. Current Lexus is a fine machine that keeps on trucking, if fast, practical and reasonably economical for a big lass.