The Nice Depository

It’s my daughters 21st today; me and her are off to the Bonnie Gull for a long lunch of fish and booze. No other family members are allowed. Just me, her and my credit card :grinning:


I hope you both have a splendid time.

Thanks - looking forward to it. Spending time with her is always good. And when good food is involved it’s a double bonus

I could spend some time with her if you want. I don’t think she would like too much though.

I do like a bit of nice wine and some fish.

Did this with my daughter, one birthday. She was living in a new town, so we had drinks in one place, starters in another, mains in another, and puds somewhere else. It was great fun, and she got to check out four places, for an evening out.


Well, I can definitely recommend the Bonnie Gull if you’re ever in the London town place. Small, probably no more than 20 covers, very good fresh fish and a half decent wine list.

I’ll pass on your offer, bmtell, but as she’s a trainee nurse I would think you’d be closer to the type of people she’s trying to help rather than someone to spend time with :wink: