The North West Audio Show (Cranage Hall) 2017

Anyone planning on going to Cranage Hall this year?

24-25th June.

If Mr. MWS can be restrained sufficiently - I’m keen

I went last year for the first time and on the whole didn’t feel it was worth going back. I’ve possibly just been spoiled by Munich, but there were very few rooms that I really wanted to spend any time in at Cranage. Jack, Simon and Guy all had good rooms, MAX had an impressive room and tbh I’m struggling to remember what else was actually there.

My SJS amps were there :slight_smile:

I will be in Italy :relieved:


That was Simon’s room (unless of course I’ve completely gotten his name wrong, which is eminently possible)

That was it, having a blonde moment and didn’t click with the name.

I am booked in to be there again this year, same room, for 2 days. fun :grin:

expect uncharacteristic rush of activity during June :rolling_eyes:

Yeah, will be there - probably Sunday.

Decent venue, a few good rooms, all back on one site this year and its free.

Will definitely go, as it’s 15 minutes drive. I still think the sounds at this show are better than most shows due to the great rooms. I was blown away by the Magico S5 system and the Flamigo Audio room. Fabulous sounds, for a LOT of money.

Looks like it will be Saturday

Hoping to be there, although not sure yet which day, but probably Sunday.

I was down to go, but then I realised I already booked tickets to see Kraftwerk at the Royal Albert Hall on Friday night.

Happy to do you a favour and take the Kraftwerk tickets off you and buy you a ticket for the North West Audio Show. We all know it will just be like being at a Kraftwerk concert as everyone will be using 3d for demo purposes. :joy:

so did anyone enjoy the show ?

TBF, it was in the wrong section. Now sorted.