The question of our time

Never mind Brexit, Trump, Coronavirus or Global warming. The most important question is about Mint and Tea Tree Original Source shower gel…

  • Its an abomination
  • Tingly nut sack ftw

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The world needs answers

Been using it for years. My balls are minty fresh.

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stopped using it a while a go as it gave me very dry skin…

I can however recommend

Carbolic soap and a loofer works for me.

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I highly recommend caffeine shampoo on yer ballbags for that tingly sensation.
Feels a bit strange around yer bumhole mind. Worth a try, just in case it is your sort of thing. Not sure what the reaction would be if you have ginormous farmers.

isnt that for balding old men? some snake oil thing about caffeine stimulating hair regrowth

It might be. Mrs B picked up three large bottles of H&S as they were on offer. It has a sort of refreshing tingly feeling on yer head if you leave it on a while.
I am a balding man. And can be considered old by some. The baldiness doesn’t really concern me. I have bought a cap.


Blimey, another mumsnet thread.
The Mods really should set up a new category

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Carpet shampoo works well.




So that was your excuse when you turned up at casualty stuck inside the Dyson…


It was Henry.


carbolic soap and a scrubbing brush give you that raw, tingly feeling allover. Cheap as well…

man up with wire wool and Dettol :grin:

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Belt sander with 40 grit paper

His and hers, like it.


I saw a Frankie Boyle routine about this recently.

‘I thought my arsehole was going to burst into song’.


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Shag carpet?

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