The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)

Genius comment here…

I have, for many years now, been considered one of the most embarrassingly awful amateur snappers ever to emerge from the UK. I must at the outset admit that this achievement was not entirely my own work: I was born with several advantages namely exceptionally poor eyesight, natural clumsiness, a fondness for drink and an almost complete lack of interest in taking photos when I could be in the thick of the action making an arse of myself. A non-existent work ethic has resulted in my owning the ancient, sandy scuffed up camera with which over the years I have achieved my most “interesting” work.

Now however, Brooklyn is here. Brooklyn, who through sheer application has overcome wealth, contacts, an expensive education sobriety and presumably state-of-the-art photographic equipment to produce work which makes even my most vodka-soaked abominations look almost ok. His achievement is utterly humbling. Well, Brooklyn, you worked for it, you earned it. I gladly hand you my crown. I admit that the sun has set on my glory, I am now only the SECOND worst photographer in the UK. For completeness I should add that thankfully I did not buy this book. I scanned it in WHSmith while waiting for a bus, before deciding that the timetable in the shelter would be not only a cheaper, but a far more engaging read…


I like the way that the Kindle edition is more expensive than the hardback. Just have a think about that…

They’re back zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

They’re back - hurrah!!!


I thought @PapaLazarou had been quiet lately. Must be rehearsing.

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Mr C (ex-Shamen) Face Book:

“I’m looking for a male actor aged 65-70 years old. Do I have any English / London male actor fans here in the USA or American who can speak with the PERFECT London accent who would be interested in playing a lead role in an amazing short movie in New York from September 4-11?
The role is playing my father so the actor must be look at least 65 years old so Sergio Caballero is looking for someone between 60-75 for this part.
It’s vital that the London accent is perfect so if American I will need to approve your dialect over the phone in a chat.
If you have thespian friends who fit this bill please tag them in the comments.
Thank you. :pray:t2:


@chelseadave ?


:rofl: She’s immaculate, isn’t she…


He needs to come up with a bloody good reason as to why she was chopped up.

Surely he won’t go for the she was all in one piece the last time i saw her line.


He will be charged…

It’ll take some serious explaining to get off that one.


There’s a slug wandering around my back yard that’s roughly the size of Luton airport.

I bet it doesn’t fucking charge as much to park.


I can’t see it and I virtually live airside :confused:


Daughter No1 Ellie is on Air Cadets annual camp and went flying today, took control of a Tucano and was encouraged to chuck it around a bit apparently…

Soooooo jealous…


I’m reporting her for animal cruelty :slight_smile:

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