The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Always makes me smile.


Not a good day for the staff


Toys R Us in admin

As are Maplin now


Amazon will eat them all eventually.


Murican organ donation applicant drives motorbike under lorry and survives.

Time to retire the bike as he clearly has exhausted his luck.


Sadly, this.

Going to leave a HUGE hole in tax revenue too - luckily Brexit will mean new Euro tax laws will never make the fuckers pay any tax here at-all…

But don’t worry, cos only the poor and vulnerable will suffer - billionaires gonna bill…


Though I’m very sad that ToysRUs have gone, especially for the shop floor staff etc…
They were utter cunts to deal with, probably caused several UK toy companies to go under, and don’t forget, their US directors were the highest paid on the Dow Jones at the time…


I’m guessing the eagle eyes on the Action Man they sold you malfunctioned or somesuch :slight_smile:


Helped a partially sighted disabled lady off the train at Birmingham New St this morning. She was having a lot of difficulty. We know what the weather is like right now.
She had got a bus from her home to Coventry then the train as she had to attend an assessment or lose her benefits. She had rang them yesterday because of the weather but they insisted she attended today.
Really felt for her and despised the cunts who made her make the journey.
Hope she got home OK.


I guess they’ll have a target percentage to sanction. How did we end up stooping this low, exactly ?



There are many good reasons for living in St Albans :sunglasses::beer:


Rhetorical question surely.


Not really: victim-blaming, a lurch to the political right, a dramatic lack of real initiative from successive governments of all political stripes, bad planning, far too many corporate tax-dodgers… etc. etc. ad naus.


Exactly Mrs O



That’s a head fuck, isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:


When I said I wanted head, I didn’t mean literally.


Yes Dr I just tripped fell and in. Easy to believe.


Arrgh, my head is cracking up!


Could he not have just kept her on his head and worn her like a hat :tophat:

Like one of those Peruvian ones with the ear flaps