The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)



I don’t think she looks that easy to carry through a doorway that way.
What you see I reckon is just the tip of the iceberg.


Truly frightening. I wouldn’t want to swap brexit, shit NHS and our UK parliament for The Trump admin, US gun laws and US healthcare.


All that freedom combined with so much stupid. It’s not going to end well.


Unification church = Moonies.


Illusion of freedom. Patriotism is just another way of controlling and making people conform.


Looks like my Passat is heading for the scrapheap. Despite running without problems all year, the garage says that the engine is running like a dog and producing smelly black smoke. They’re going to try a couple of things but the new MOT rules mean any black smoke is a failure.


My car is in for an MOT today, and it’s not coming out until next week when I’l have to pay £578 to get it back… 2 shocks, 2 discs,2 pads, 2 tyres.


I sent a broken hard drive off to one of these data recovery places but they are talking about £5-600 to fix it enough to remove & store the data on another drive.

'kin 'ell, the porn stash is not worth that much


Did you not back it up by printing it off regularly and storing in different locations? Such as the loft, garage and airing cupboard?


Funnily enough (or not) most of the content was recovered from a previous HDD that failed but a local firm managed to salvage most of what was on that. They couldn’t get at the contents of this one at all.


Porn comes on videos these days. Apparently. This

is just not the same, not to mention the quantity of paper required. And the fact that it takes both hands to make it work.



You did figure out at that point that backups were a useful thing? Oh… I’ll get my coat!


Favours the “AA rotation” schedule.


I think I’ll take the original failed one back to the local firm & get them to extract its contents again (if they can)


Surely there’s a VeeDub get out clause …


Take the top off and blow dust off.


I did have a look. No dust evident. The recovery place are saying a fault with the heads & were suggesting buying another Seagate, cannibalising it & fitting the heads to my HDD.


Lens cleaning tissue on heads?


I’ll have another look at it when it returns.