The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Think how safe it’ll be when you get it back.


One mark or fingerprint on the disk and it’s fucked. Use rubber tipped tools and a ‘dust free’ environment if you can.





Absolutely right.

I saw this video about the AR-15 and what difference adding a bump stock makes to it.

No amount of 2nd Amendment rights / NRA bollocks can justify this utter fucking insanity.


Never understood the fascination with auto let alone semi auto, they serve absolutely no purpose for civilians. If they insist on self defence they should only be allowed a pistol with a grip safety (don’t get me started on trigger weights) and hunting only requires a bolt action. There’s zero justification in the 2nd amendment for the weapons they seem to be weirdly fascinated with.

Since leaving the army I have had zero interest in guns despite being a good shot and spending the last 2 years in the army playing with Sigs and HK MP5’s.


I’ve read many American service men and vets saying the same thing but common sense, it seems, is irrelevant to all the Trumpland psychopaths.


You can have an interest in shooting without having a morbid hard-on interest in firepower which is what many Americans appear to have.





Lauren has just tripped going upstairs whilst carrying a bowl of tomato soup. The stair carpet was, until a few minutes ago, a sort of straw colour. She is now learning how the carpet cleaner works.


Why would anyone be taking soup upstairs? :thinking:


How to spot a twat, 40+ year old with polo shirt with the collar up.


Cos teenagers live in their rooms. Everything (electronic) is there.





Is Barry Manilow in town?


Ha ha, my stepson is 30, and he’s not allowed to take food upstairs :blush:


WTF is he doing at home?