The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)




I’m hoping he isn’t going to become an addition to my “Lost Heroes” list.


Non-member spotted on the 15th tee of my local golf course this morning.



Looks like a plastic turd that’s been painted.


The course is part of the South Downs National Park, you would never get permission for a plastic turd.


Dress code there has gone to shit these days. Did you ask it to hurry along?


Lyle & Scott have moved on from Yellow & Black



It has bow ties all the way down it’s back! OK for the clubhouse but a bit overdressed for the course


Best thing on the entire place, by far. Beautiful animal. I hope you respectfully offered it a mouse?



We also have deer, woodpeckers, kestrels, buzzards, a few rare plants.
Not at all surprised that we have adders, but quite surprised to see one, the pic was posted on the club facebook page this morning, I think one of the greenkeepers took it.




To “normal” to surprise, but the fuckers do get in the way…





Fuck ! :persevere:


no thank you.


I think you are thinking of Fuck ?


the answers still no.


I just read “cancer of the penis” and decided that I’ll pay to have the boy vaccinated!