The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Yes, if you don’t get this, I’d steer clear of Hunter S.


We’ve all been there :roll_eyes:


I don’t think “clap” has.

Too busy at the clinic I imagine…



For @Rob998 :laughing:

It really is a very good pie shop :relaxed:


It is great



Rather appropriate for the thread title…



Been gone for over 10 years, but I still miss the Weekly World News.




Not an accident. The lizard people got 'em …



Tv size box.

(Talking old cathode ray tv…)

One pair of loppers. Amazon!!


Not me!


Gents is fucking awesome. The best pie shop anywhere, never mind Wigan or the North West.

The only criticism I could level at them is that their Meat and Potato (correct nomenclature, based on the composition) could do with a bit more seasoning, specifically pepper, which is ironic considering they’re on Pepper Lane… But I suppose it’s subjective.

Their Steak pie is perfect, just flawless, superb filling, and perfect pastry, amazingly good. But their hot pot pie, with a dash of HP sauce is absolutely to die for, unbelievably good, seriously gorgeous.

The perfect chippy tea is chips and gravy (or mushy peas, if that’s your thing, personally :face_vomiting:) from the chippy next door, and a Gents pie.

Fuck, hungry now.


Ten past one in the morning is a twat time to post about juice drooling delicacies, especially when there isn’t a bleedin’ shop open to satisfy the induced hunger pangs (unless you count a Ginsters from the motorway service station).
Bad form dear man, bad form.


Sorry old chap, I forgot myself.







Lol, they didn’t mention the bit where you had to agree that buying a disco deck and spending £10k on it is a ‘good idea’ and that it sounds better than a Rockport.