The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Have you been marathon running again Sodders?


Marathon eating more like.

I refuse to call them Snickers


Agreed. Snickers is a bloody stupid name.


I couldn’t waddle a fucking marathon, much less run it, but I do a lot of walking with the doggos, and sometimes overdo it…



Lucky escape in Devon.




About a mile from me:

her web page (link at end of piece) is worth a look too


Very nice. I do have some scissors by the other well known Sheffield makers Ernest Wright & Sons.


There were still some of the “little mesters” around. making knives and scissors, when I moved here 35 years ago, but pretty well all gone now. Nice to see that the skills have been handed on. My ex-lodger (female) is a craft blacksmith (Hereford college and then various traditional forges).


What the fuck is going on when the only way diplomacy can be done is via a fucking TV show on Fox.


probably because Boris doesn’t know how to tweet




Because Fox TV is the only source of info that Trump believes.






Have you been on a marketing course?


Buy some records
Buy loads of records
Buy all the records
Buy all records except prog