The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Bodacious, dude!


Most excellent!


What is with this plethora of mattress companies that have suddenly sprung (arf!) out of nowhere, shitting up my social media and whatnot?


High margin


FB have sold Bed City your search history and they have surmised the rest :wink:



Spelling police or lube required in the mid-West


Know anything about this @freefallrob? It wasn’t a Toblerone tanker was it?


American education system right there


Good god, I sincerely hope not, that could mean shortages! :scream:




Fuck me! And I thought the Bentley was ugly :face_vomiting:


The badges are what sell these types of vehicles. Secondary to that is the interior. Once cosseted inside, the average footballist/Sheikh will say, “It’s nice in here. I don’t have to look at the outside”.
Sadly, the rest of us do :weary:


AHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! You’d never know that BMW owned RR just from looking at that carbuncular monstrosity, would you?



Fucking hell - Virgo, OCD Cunt for me. Cannot deny.


You and me then.


I’m an OCD cunt too.


Hottest Cunt natch :+1:


Miserable Cunt here and I’m not having any of it; judgemental barstards to a man, all of you. Bah, humbug !


I’m a weird cunt :ok_hand: