The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)





They love it.






I wonder if the manual warned them about novichok


Who’s she?


She was Russia’s Eurovision entry in 2005, Novichok popov


There’s some handy flirting advice for visitors to Russia in this

Basically, if she’s young and beautiful, in an expensive nightclub and in the company of an expensively dressed Russian man then don’t. Even. Think. About. It.



Popova, surely ?


Not sure,i only met her once.



Interesting, I hear Yanny, weirdly I’ve never been a fan of bass in music and can hear most speakers chuffing in the bass.

Better go and buy myself some Focals :smile:


I hear Laurel. Ellie hears Yanny, Lauren says she hears both, Yanny in a higher pitch. Claire says she hears “Yearly”, which if you read down to the bit where they isolate the frequencies, Yanny sounds like yearly to me too.

Guess my upper frequency hearing is fucked.


'tis quite clearly Laurel, . However when only the higher frequencies are played, 'tis quite clearly the budgie in Terry’s smugglers being strangled.


Laurel but then I can’t hear anything much above 13KHz


When we did this yesterday we listened on my Sony tablet which has pretty crappy speakers. However it was on the TV news last night and through my TV (oldish Sony 40" LCD with reasonable built in speakers) I very clearly heard Yanni.


I just ran a bit of a fire drill, and it turns out that my secondary backup disc was completely corrupt.

At least I’ll remember to check it once I’ve run a full backup to it this time, but do I blame the hardware and replace it, or put it down to bad luck or operator error? :thinking: