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They should make sex illegal, probably easier than banning guns.:roll_eyes:



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FFS. This was the trouble all along. It just took this clever cunt to figure it out.


“Motion activated”…


‘My name is Shackleton’ On this day in 1916, Shackleton, Worsley & Crean walk into Stromness whaling station, after a 36 hour traverse of South Georgia.

One of the truly great survival stories.


Which came after a 720 nautical mile trip across the southern ocean in a 20ft long open boat. When they arrived at South Georgia they couldn’t land because of hurricane force winds. They had to ride out the storm offshore. The same storm sunk a 500 ton steamer north of the island. The traverse was not completed again until 1955 by a party whose leader subsequently said “I do not know how they did it, except that they had to”. His party was properly equipped. Shackleton and his colleagues had 50ft of rope and a carpenter’s adze.



They also had Sean Bean.


Comments on a postcard.


We do Shackleton with our year 4 kids, I have to impersonate him this week so the kids can be journalists and interview me. We use the stunning William Grill book Shackleton’s Journey
Highly recommended to anyone with young children who wants them to learn one of the greatest stories of human courage and survival.


You’d have to pay me to watch those 3. Clarkson is so passed his best it’s untrue. The midget is just that. The third bloke is the best but a bit of a wally.


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Hahaha. I do feel a bit tired today.


I’m still conjuring with the possibility’s of brie.


Feckin’ troll’s everywhere.



This is exactly where our family has been taking its annual holiday for the past 50+ years. First time it’s ever been on the news.


A mile-wide maritime and air exclusion zone was in force, with coastguards broadcasting to vessels in the area.

I redesigned part of that system last year :smile:

Surprised it still works TBH.



Made an impressive bang.