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WTF is the bloke whooing for? It’s not Merca, he’s probably not called Brad. Impressive apart from that though!


We see the water go up as soon as it happens (speed of light - very fast). Then after a second or less there’s a thump and the camera (on a tripod ?) shakes. I’m guessing that’s the bang coming through the water and the ground (speed of sound in water is 1500 metres/sec). Then after a couple of whoos there’s a sharper bang, which is the sound arriving through the air (speed of sound in air is just 340 metres/sec).

I’m never sure with these destructions of old explosive how much of the bang comes from the original bomb/mine/shell itself and how much from the modern charge attached to it to make sure it goes off.



No, I was also wondering how much charge was used to make it go.

My sister owns a house just back from the beach there. I hope her glazing survived!

if I recall there’s a whole shipful of explosives (1400 tons) sitting in the Thames estuary which would cause quite an exciting wave to travel up towards the capital were it ever to be detonated.


I have sailed round that wreck in small yacht.
They reckon it would take out Sheerness if it went up, which would be no great loss.




Looks like she used to be a Merman.



I pulled a shell up while diving a 2nd WW wreck, the skipper went ballistic ranting about fire and bangs. He pulled one strand of cordite out and it lit just after he’d thrown the shell back to the deep.

Most impressive flame from a straw that’d been submerged for 60 years.


None of it, the explosives used are to destroy/obliterate the old explosives and not to cause them to explode.

Saw the bomb squad in NI practising on our airfield and they used shaped charges and water to direct an extremely accurate blast at the device and destroy it without causing secondary explosions.

They said it works very well with large IED’s in vans etc (fertiliser bombs favoured by the IRA)


This has just been removed from Google’s code :rofl:


It was removed from their business practices many years ago, of course.


From memory mind, but the old WW2 mine explosives were amonium nitrate based with Al powder, only modertae in velocity - 2 to 3000 m/sec. Not very sensative but use enough of it and the resultant shock can break a ship in two if under the hull, or disable it if nearby. I imagine they used a small charge of C4 to set it off, very high velocity of 7 to 8ooo m/sec. I’ll check with a mate of mine who does this sort of thing, but i suspect only a few Kgs would be used.

Modern torps use high velocity explosive to create a bubble under hulls, the bubble collapses upward against the hull punching through several decks and cut the ship in half. Chap who worked for me was the trials officer for this one, soz for the ad,




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