The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


That they’d just chain an unemployed local to the sign and get them to take phone snaps of misbehaving drivers ?



Hands free kits are great to use in a car park. If you use one at the time of an accident you can expect to be prosecuted on the basis of being distracted (actual words are in the Highway Code). Careless Driving prosecutions have been bought already (up to 5 years inside if someone carks it). Can’t be long before all mobile use is banned, the evidence is stacking up.


That’d work. And probably cheaper too


Indeed. Most corporates now have a ban on using a mobile, including hands-free, written into their CSR policy documentation.

They may tacitly turn a blind eye to their employees still making hands-free calls, but it protects them from potentially being sued for corporate manslaughter in the event of a mobile being used for work purposes during an accident.


If there’s no physical activity, how is having a conversation with someone on the phone different from having a conversation with a passenger in the back seat ? Or is chatting to them going to be the next target for a ban (to be fair, talking to bus drivers already is banned) ?



I didn’t know that. Interesting.


My take on it is that when using a hands free you have to concentrate more on what the person is saying to you as the speech is not as clear (as opposed to having someone sat next to you).


That’ll be that crappy Porsche hands-free.


If I had a pound for everyone I see on their mobile phone on my commute to and from work, I’d be rich…


I think the main issue is that the person in the car will react to the traffic and talk to you accordingly; the person on the end of the line has no such clues



Plus crap reception on motorways when I’m doing 150mph.


You work???


I often follow drivers who don’t seem to be able to have a conversation with their passenger without constantly turning to look at them. Now that’s dangerous. I definitely think that smoking whilst driving should be banned.


Well, I go to work. Do you?


Instafail on the first step. Why would you do that?


Because he isn’t yellow :smirk:


Clouds and silver linings…:relaxed:


I attend yes. Work itself is debateable


Perhaps, but the people in the back seats are quite often children. They’d have to be unusually attentive to spot the pedestrian who’s about to step into the traffic. They might be more aware than you of the motorbike in your blind spot, but will they realise that you’re about to change lane and side-swipe him ?

I wouldn’t say it happens often but I’ve certainly seen that too. I’ve even seen parents (presumably) turn to talk to kids in the back seat (see above).



I was talking about adult passengers. Children are a fucking disaster, mine distract me all the time. Sometimes I feel like driving into the verge just to bloody show them.