The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


I don’t think of myself as populist :grinning:


Slightly above and too the left of the crosshairs, seems I like Obama and f’kin hate Trump, now there’s a surprise.


Margaret Thatcher


Not the best choice of name for a company selling valves






Taken from pfm thread on the Populism test. This is why we must never have electronic voting.

All three questions seemed pretty simple (where do you live - really??), and I definitely answered them all correctly (it gave me a tick for each of them). It didn’t plot anything on the graph, though.


I thought he was joking, I really hope he was joking.


I hope he was too. If he was then that would be one more stone in the grist to Cambridge Analytica’s mill.



It crossed my mind. To avoid doubt I’ve asked.


Same here :+1:




And here. :+1:


Can a mod do away with my ‘Super wammer’ tagline please. It’s old now - just annoying. Thanks.


Nope. It’s clearly serving its purpose. :rofl:


What’s it worth? :stuck_out_tongue:


Also: be careful what you wish for. :wink: