The top 3 worst looking cars you can buy in Britain, today


Small is beautiful…?




I’ve yet to see a luxo-barge SUV that doesn’t look like a complete dumpster-fire. I can only assume they are only being bought by blind people.


Don’t rule out the complete and utter cunt market.


Fuck, that is off-the-scale fugly. Looks like one of those cars they used to lash-up in Top Gear


Inspired by an Austin A40?



Inspired by a cartridge after @J_B had fitted it.


Looks a little like one of those electric taxis.


£276K starting price I believe.


I could stretch to the £276 bit, it’s just the ‘K’ bit on the end i’m struggling with at the moment.


Personally, I would rather buy a rental flat.




saw one in the flesh in London the other week, and they are uglier than the photo suggests. All the proportions are wrong. Make the Bentayga look pretty in the flesh



You fucker Simon, that is hideous. Even the colour is off-the-scale offensive.


Got to be in the running.


Every single last one on this…


I was in the Renault version of that yesterday Dave - it was spectacularly plasticky inside :grimacing:


But I bet it was better looking.


All non porsches would feel like that to you now :wink:.