The top 3 worst looking cars you can buy in Britain, today


What part of Florida?




Nice part of the state :slightly_smiling_face:


Still in 'Merca :unamused:


I worked in Lakeland in the early 70’s nice little place there were Orange trees in the high street.


Best things about Florida are Bonefish, Tarpon and Snook. :+1:


You forgot the giant bugs. It’s best for the rest of us that they’re in Florida.



Agreed, but they fell away badly after the world tour fiasco.






Yes! She looks ok too, I suppose… Have you ever caught one? A bonefish, I mean.


Nope, sore point as I hooked one in Florida keys, Islamorada - two unstoppable, screaming runs then it threw the hook - very exciting but totally exhausting keeping the rod held high to stop the line fraying. My mate in the same boat caught one, about 6lbs and I caught several large Tarpon, which compensated. That was a few years ago now, I keep meaning to go back and might do next year.


Quite a drive from Lakeland to do any ocean fishing. Largemouth bass is the game around there.


At least you are on the same continent! You must try it at some point, bonefishing is amazing, I will definitely go back to it once the kids are out of the way. :+1::+1:


This is the marina I fished at quite a bit:

Richard must be a bit ancient by now but after a few days of us being there he volunteered to take us out on his boat as a guide, in his words “because he was fed up with american assholes who just demanded to catch big fish” I think he realised we still saw it as a joyous thing.

Note; he was the guide that caught the world record bonefish…and he was guiding us when I hooked and lost mine. He radioed the other skippers to say the one that I lost must have been very big, hence it’s a sore point, I could have been rich :wink:


Sorry maybe a fishing thread is required now but I just found this article about Richard Stanczyk, which rather eerily echoes everything I experienced when fishing with him


Have never used Bud ‘n’ Mary’s, I know it well though. I used to go to Florida a lot with my ex, her cousin lives in Miami and I became quite familiar with The Keys. We used to stay at a place on Islamorada called Sea Isle (ocean side), which is right next door to Chica Lodge, where we also stayed. I only got a guided trip once there and I did manage one bonefish about 9 lbs and lost a couple of others. Another trip I booked him again but the weather turned bad overnight and he cancelled when I pitched up in the morning. Grumpy bastard! I am not the greatest with a fly rod and on the day we did get out he wasn’t suffering fools. :grin:

I have caught bonefish elsewhere though: Ascention Bay in Mexico and Bonaire in the Netherlands Antilles. Mexico was amazing, 3 days bonefishing- I had quite a few… and one day chasing permit, which didn’t result in a hook up but did stop my heart a few times during the day!

I’m hoping that one day some of my income will be expendable again and I can do a bit more. The Seychelles would be nice…


Honda Civic, I am startled by how wrong then design looks, like a mid 90’s Max Power mistake. Suppose that’s the point perhaps…


Never heard of a Ford F-650 before.

I want one. Now.


Yep he was grumpy most of the time - might have been on the sauce when you met him of course. Florida not that good for bonefish - I’d love to do Mexico though, sounds excellent.