The top 3 worst looking cars you can buy in Britain, today




this thread is funny - watching people getting worked to a froth by other peoples vehicle choices is great fun.


And now you can get:



Almost as much fun as driving in heavy traffic with a shed-on-wheels blocking you-and-everyone-else’s view of the road ahead :wink:.



You know the answer


Yes. But following folks into a service station and slashing their tyres is against the law. All we can hope is that the next generation gets the message



Next gen - will be autonomous SUVs


driving themselves to the scrapheap, hopefully



There is progress for you. Normally you are murdered by the cabbie. Fair play to Uber for cutting out the middle man.



Seems highly probable this is the kind of routine accident that would have happened no matter what the vehicle.

Not that hysterical luddites won’t be wanking themselves into a self-righteousness coma irrespective of the facts… :roll_eyes:


If they’ve only managed one so far they aren’t trying hard enough :smiley:


Don’t be surprised if there are still three drunk teenagers tied up and gagged in the boot of the car. It is an Uber after all.


Clocked some of the headlines in the Torygraph when I looked at an article Graeme had linked in another thread, to summarise:

" :fire: Burn the Witch Car! Burn it! Burn it! :fire: "


Skynet is only months from taking over the world…


My theory, is Elon Musk using space x and hyper loop is preparing offworld colonies and underground bunkers for the worlds elite. The solar panels and batteries will power this while the people left on the surface are hunted down and squashed by self driving Teslas.




Well, if I was a billionaire I’d go full James Bond villain. Anything else is a bit boring really.


Maybe he is and is being a bit sneaky about it.


I’d like to think so.