The Tragedy of the Road Kill 401

A few weeks ago in the eBay thread there was some discussion over a dismembered and disheveled 401.

As the lucky winner of this box of distress I was surprised and delighted when it arrived along with this note:

My guess is the car was moving at speed, seemingly in a monsoon or the unit was laid to rest in a puddle - The motor has some mortal ‘patina’.

Scumbags will be pleased to note there was still profit here…


Nothing a bit of Brasso & wire wool won’t sort out.

Does the instigator of this art project know what you do with these?

Duck tape

Send him a pic of another finished 401 tomorrow saying it took a bit longer than expected


They may do if they looked at our feedback? The damage may well have been a tad compounded by a 6 layer mdf plinth, I’d imagine when tossed out of a moving vehicle impact was quite exciting.

I’m tempted to tig it together and make ‘The warrior’ a battle hardened incapacitated nearly turning table. . Saying that I seem to remember the hard rock cafe had one of Hendrix’s smashed and burned guitars framed and nicely lit, maybe I’ll frame it?

Intrigued which bit of that modern art project made any money, never mind your money back!

Bearing, badge and drive wheel is my guess.

Breaking the scumbag never tells code…

401 face plate tray (Not the lifted fascia plate but the tray it sits in) = £150
401 pulley = £20
SME RCA sub assembly = £100
SME bed nuts = £25
SME bias weight guide = £15
SME main counter weight = £37
SME Wayrod and rider weight = £30
401 transit clamp = £20
401 idler wheel housing = ? (Useful to us)
Numerous screws / nuts / (Useful to us
Other odds and sods