The wanky year continues

Bobby Vee also…

I used to really like Dead Or Alive, even into the SAW era. Pete became a bit of a freak show later on, but I remember him working in Probe, and being served by him a few times. I remember He had a bit of a sneer at a Wah! album I bought (A Word To The Wise Guy, iirc) while Pete Wylie was stood about 5 yards away in the back room of the shop!

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Whilst he appeared to be a self harmer, the few interviews that I saw of him showed him to be a very intelligent individual. Never a fan but mortality sucks.

I ran into Pete and his husband at a gig in Mello Mello not long after we moved to Liverpool. He was pretty outrageous in terms of his dress, behaviour and level of refreshment that night. A bit of a one-off by the looks of it, and as such will be missed.


Some of the Dead or Alive music was memorable.
Pete Burns though…? Not going to miss him.