The wonders of mobile telecommunication

Shortly Donna wifey and I have to renew our mobile phones/contract.

We have the choice of the following technological wonders.

Lenovo A Plus
Motorola Moto E3
Alcatel Pixi 4.4"
Alcatel POP4 and Powerbank(?)

Knowing absolutely sod all about mobile phones, i’m looking for the AA advise on the besterest one to choose please.
Any of them will be betterer than what I have, but I don’t want to miss out on bragging rights :rofl:.

Ta muchly,


Get the Samsung.


Motorola, probably.

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if no Samsung available then the Moto is better specced…

Go SIM-only and buy a WileyFox, OnePlus etc.?

Or Samsung.

Ta so far chaps, looks like the Motorola at the minute then.

To put this in to perspective, we are currently on Pay As You Go with Samsung Galaxy Aces! :blush:

What are you looking to spend, and what is your data usage per month?

I’d go with the Breville.

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This too much? The Moto g5 is a good phone


Go for one with the latest version of android as carriers can be slow in updating and android goes out of support fairly quickly.

Jenny and I both have Motorola G4s 16 gb. bought new from amazon for around £180, android 7. Sim only deal from 3, 8 gig, 600 minutes, all you can eat texts £19 a month.The phone is excellent,

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I have an Alcatel POP4. It is functional but quite unresponsive (slow). It was cheap, and I am a cheapskate when it comes to phones. Would I get another one? No.

Old Samsungs are great. Mrs C has an S3 mini, costs £7 a month for everything.

Agree. I still have an old s2 that I use for music purposes and JohnnieBabys old S4 mini for work phone.

Was a bit of a nightmare getting all the hinge apps and Grindr profiles off it tho.


more like


As if.

What would I need a hinge app for?

haha it’s only just twigged being JB’s phone, I thought it was some swinger/dogging app.

Oh it is definitely a swinger app. :slight_smile:

See what I did there?

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