Things right minded people need to know

random stuff you feel others should be aware of but perhaps not worthy of their own thread:

Toast some pitta, slice and dunk in Hummus (both from Aldi - waitrose taste for found in the skip money) Fab

most chickens have a shit life - find a farm or family with proper free range and spend a little more time going to fetch them but eat better eggs whilst feeling smug (ish at least, per my vegan daughter)

All women love stationery - the more it cost the more they love it

A bit like this


that’ll be the right place for shit - even if most of the shit is wrong.

Which is why it doesn’t merit its own thread.

Another thing right mind people need to know is that there is never an appropriate time to serve couscous to people you like.

A gentleman is he who can play the banjo, but chooses not to. Flutists cannot be gentlemen even if they do not play their instruments because they are flutists in the first place.

It’s never ok to vote tory.

If Tony Blair is running in your constituency you have a reason…

It is NOT possible for 0’s and 1’s to sound better than Analogue reproduced music.


No.You can vote Green or whatever but not tory. Lionel Blair on the other hand…

deep fried socks are not nutritious

Being right minded is not a thing. You have imagined it.

Right minded people should know nothing about prog whatsover (other than to avoid it).

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