Things to do in Glasgow

In Glasgow this weekend.

A group of couples for a friends birthday weekend.

Time limited but I suspect some chance to wander. Any records shops or places I need to check?
Staying at the Z hotel and I’m just after stuff nearby if the rest of them start shopping…

Won’t have time to escape for long, or work out where is worth it!

A fewrecord shops i can recomend,

Mixed Up Records, Ortega Lane out down the Great West Road.Good old fashioned record shop for used records.

Love Music, Dundas street, near Buchanan Shopping Mall and next Queens Street train station. Some used records, new records and lots of CDs.

Monorail Music, King Street, mainly new records.

The one under the arches of Central Station - lots of used CDs and some records.

if I could only go to one, then Ortega Lane is it.

Deep fried Mars bars have to be tried.

Eat here.


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Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery is worth a visit especially as Dali’s Christ of St John of the Cross has returned home after a loan period in London.

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That’s up my street.

The oyster bar won’t go down well with my veggie wife and the dinners are out of my hands as it’s up to the hubby of the birthday girl to sort.

He’s booked Dahkin.

Good veggie eateries in Glasgow :+1:

Is deep fried tofu a thing? :thinking:

Very much so :+1: