Things you have believed all your life that are wrong


Feck’s sakes @Jim, that was done earlier. I’m not trying tabouli (tabbouleh) you about this, but recycling a shite joke on the same day in the same thread…:exploding_head:


The best kebabs always repeat on you…


Mmmmmmmm…lamby burps 'n farts :face_vomiting:




It’s a Shami that my thread has descended in to punning. I thought it was a Stonner of a subject. Can we reset our Gyros and get back on track?


The moon is made out of cream cheese and Jesus loves me :disappointed:


As soon as I work out how to put this thread and all its contributors into this, it’ll be grand.


But, but



I may have to post a letter when I visit you tomorrow.


If she finds out you’re anything to do with HIM you’ll be banned from the counter too.



I could have a go :smirk:


Only partially true, the art of disguise overcomes many an ASBO




For years, I thought the line in Blue Monday that followed “I see a ship in the harbour” was “Icon in a shallow bay” which actually makes more sense than “I can and shall obey”.