Think I may have a problem

I’m not sure this Cap looks too well :thinking:

The thoughts of those more knowledgeable than me welcomed.

Afraid I can’t add anything mature.





She’s gonna…


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Seems to be a common theme going on. The Sugden waiting list is colossal :slightly_frowning_face:

Can you not just fit another of the same rating? I’d expect it to be shown on the cap somewhere

It probably isn’t going to go bang immediately. Probably best to get it swapped in the near future though. Maybe with a higher temp rating.

Inside all the black plastic is a cylindrical metal can with a flat top. The top may be scored to create weak points so any rupture at least takes place in a predictable direction. During manufacture a disc of thin black plastic is laid on top of the cap then a length of lettered plastic tube is slid over it and heat-shrunk in place, gripping the disc round the edges.

It’s quite possible that it’s just the plastic disc which has swollen up, and the flat metal top underneath is still flat and fine. Try poking the disc, say with a screwdriver, and seeing if it’s just flexed up. Don’t stand vertically above the cap while you’re doing this (for obvious reasons).

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You did see who the OP is? He’ll probably blow his hand-off and then electrocute the stump - miraculously averting death by cauterising the arteries - only to then gnaw the end off 'cause it smells like bbq… :laughing:

I’ve seen the plastic discs dome-up slightly on their own, but never that much.

Good news is any competent electrical-repairjohnny can fix Sugden stuff, nothing exotic in there.

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What you trying to say exactly ? :thinking:


Oof !

Very harsh

But fair? :thinking:


I was starting to worry that my ‘standards’ might be slipping.