This is how silly this hobby is ....!

So we spend literally hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds optimising our systems, when all we need to do is change the position / angle of our ears.

Just put your fingers behind each ear and slowly bend them forward. You can get whatever presentation you like doing this, from bass heavy to treble intense.

Why the fuck do we bother with all the hassle when sellotape will do ?



Also don’t waste your money on room treatment,just grow ear hair for those harsh trebles



Any experiment in sound is flawed without Audio lab ya!s range of audio sensitive succulents. These healing flora have been specifically bred to cleanse your chakras along with the full audio spectrum - if your listening room doesn’t look like the the backyard of the ok corral your plans are pregnant with fail… don’t believe us? Ask NASA.


Cheapest upgrade has always been sort out the speaker position, the listening position and the room.
I have seen loads of threads from people asking if a certain cable will make a difference or a new DAC when the best upgrade would be a rug.

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