This is the time

What with the recent rise in anti-establishment, anti-globalisation, anti-elitism and anti-capitalist feelings and the general disillusionment that abounds, now would be a FANTASTIC time for the rise of a really raw, genuine Punk band to storm the music scene.

A real angry, anarchic, smash up the joint type Punk band who could actually write and play. Not a sanitised Simon Cowell creation but a bunch of kids who jam together, hang together and really feel it.

What does anybody else think ?

Any contenders ?

Rage Against The Machine predicted it all over 25 years ago.

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True, but who are the new RATM ?

Mumford and sons,seems that most of the youth are content with there lot

RATM were pretty average.

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Enjoyed these

Sleaford Mods.

Next question.

Good suggestion

Not bad.

Slaves, although they’re not political their lyrics do have a social narrative. Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, wonderfully angry and aggressive but again not especially political.

I’m not sure the current generation could produce an angry political punk band.

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Yea, not bad Terry.

Not Punk but the right vibe and lyrics

G.L.O.S.S. ?

Destruction Unit ?

bugger am I imagining it… did I just see the identical thread elsewhere? Can’t be arsed to repeat myself… drill

Yeah, sorry, you did.

Think the band you are looking for is Death Grips :slight_smile:

saw Death Grips once… made my ears bleed…MC Ride is a lunatic… one of the few bands I’ve seen where you wonder if you are going to leave alive… last year it was the ending up in the mosh pit at a Prodigy gig

I’ve seen them once too; awesome. You are totally right about M C Ride though, completely unstable.

they played recently at Village Underground, I couldn’t get tickets. Its a great venue, but too small for the sound the likes of Death Grips produce… the only venue where I where earplugs after I nearly went deaf after hearing someone play a reworked version of Kraftwerk’s Radioactivity in celebration of the 40th anniversary of its release