Ticket prices


Looking at the rolling stones ticket prices thread,just wondered what bands/artists at present would you be happy to pay £125 or more to see?


Jim Morrison


2 unlimited


Zeppelin up to the point they took their sabbatical mid 70s?


Deep Purple '70 to '73 period.


So, £125 to see dead people and those inactive. :roll_eyes:


The Foos in a 300 capacity club, not an arena.


If you are going to ask over 100 quid, resurrection is the minimum requirement.


Or people on zimmer frames. Always good.


dad rock £125.




Paul Kossof era Free in a small club.


Recently got soft cell tickets for the o2 they were £236 a pop. Glad I wasn’t paying.


I was going to mention the price of Soft Cell. Tickets up in the gods are £91 inc charges which is about 2.5 time what I paid many years for Prince.


Ticket prices were roughly 20% of a day’s wages since i can remember,but of course have increased to far more than that over the last decade.


No one. £125 is too much. Would rather spend it on music. Or cake.


Imagine how much cheap pine and cat litter you could buy for £125!*

*Not much


£125 for the great granddads no fucking way.


Bloody hell, they were fucking awful.


Lindesfarne at their Christmas concert at City Hall, Newcastle. Sold out for the 5 days every time I ever went. Best atmosphere at any gig I’ve ever been to. Probably the best was when Chas and Dave did the warm up - they really did wind the Geordies up.