Ticket prices


Yes but the cat litter would bring a far more absorbing night.


I think the original post said current bands or artists.
Who wouldn’t pay £125 to see Hendrix, Elvis or The Beatles!

For me it would have to be something really special and tbh I can’t think of anyone I’d pay that to see at the moment.


I hope not for my mates sake. It’s cost him a fortune to arrange and finance 8 people going.


I’m glad he is not my mate, I’m not sure that I would show up.


Sorry to say I heard them on Radio 2 a few weeks ago playing live. It was not great and that is being kind to him.


Can’t think of anybody current for £125.

6 or 7 pretty coloured LP’s instead please.


Great, top notch tickets to a shit night out, just my luck :roll_eyes:


With the exception of Bowie, they were all dead by the time I really got interested in music. If we ignore the dead and those that have forgotten to pop their clogs from the Grandpa rocks period :stuck_out_tongue: already listed above, the dead acts from what is now the Dad rock era I would pay to see (and would pay far, far more than £125 TBH) would be:

Joy Division
The Clash (or the Mescaleros if only to see Joe again)
The Fall

Then there are the acts I could potentially see myself paying to see who no longer tour and probably never will:
Spacemen 3
Cocteau Twins
Talk Talk

But the one act I would gladly pay huge money to see is Durutti Column. To buy a ticket for a DC gig would mean that Vini had regained the ability to play and therefore retrieved his identity as an artist, both of which were taken from him by a series of awful strokes.


To be fair, you had plenty of warning. They were shit in the 80s.


I paid a bit more to see Kate Bush in 2014. Best concert in my life. I had never expected to see her live so it was a bit like resurrection.


I would pay £100+ to see Radiohead in a smallish venue. I don’t like Arenas.


Dead artists: Elvis, Jim Morrison, Coltrane (I’d give a kidney to hear him live)

Live artists: none I’m afraid. I’ve seen all the ones I want to.


Kate Bush would probably get me to pay £125 for a gig ticket to see her. Good shout


There is one no brainer - the mighty Oasis :slight_smile:


The musical equivalent of pesto on your fry-up and pineapple/goats cheese on your pizza.


I was going to ask is there a dislike button even though I like them, but, at the beginning, first two albums, intimate venue, I would pay for that. Same sentiment for Sex Pistols and Stone Roses.


Palestine’s, the lot of ya !


I actually think Black Mountain are worth serious green to see live - seen 'em five times to date, and they have always been fucking superb - best ever being a now-defunct working men’s club in Leeds in 2010 (now called the Aria Suite) - they can play big venues, but up close and personal they are shatteringly good.

Not for everyone, but for the right venue, I’d find the money.


On my list of need to see.


Could you try to ease-back on the Rong.

Oasis are superb, pinapple on pizza is superb, goats cheese is superb.

I’d pay £125 a minute to sit at an all-you-can-eat pineapple-and-goats-cheese-pizza bar watching Oasis play live :heart_eyes::star_struck::heart_eyes::star_struck::heart_eyes::star_struck::heart_eyes::star_struck: