Tickets for Covent Garden ROH

Does anyone know of an alternative source of tickets for the Royal Opera House?

A friend is in London and would love to see La Trav this weekend, but it’s sold out

I’m none the wiser on alternatives

I saw LaTraviata in Glyndebourne.
Tell your friend that the girl dies at the end and save him loads of money. :grinning:


Would they consider the live filmed performance?
A few tickets available.

They do get some returned, so give them a call and ask. Might need to be on the day. Don’t expect a discount!

Just got got him a returned ticket. The jammy sod

Up in the Gods, but beggars / chooser etc


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Up in the Gods ! I remember getting the last tickets to see Ken Dodd at Scarborough in the mid 70’s they were up there…Ken started his act Floodlights were hand driven near me …He looked like an ant below ,I got a touch of vertigo,panicked and started crawling out,in my desperation I knocked the floodlight over and caused a bit of chaos.Ken wasn’t amused but I was out of the gods by then …:grinning:


We did Figaro for O-level music and my music master arranged a school trip down to see it at the ROH. We were all up in the gods - I remember it being pretty steeply raked. Still a magical experience though. It was the first time I realised just how large a space a trained singer could fill.


One thing I loved about living in London was being able to go to Covent Garden and the Coliseum. If you lived in Westminster you could get a ResCard, which entitled you to standby tickets for both. I’d walk in on my way back from the office in Holborn, ask if they had tickets, and phone the girlfriend if they did. £15 and £12 respectively, for stalls tickets. I saw loads! Don’t think they do it any more.

bugger I was going to suggest Mastodon at Brixton

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