Tidal / Vimberg speakers - anyone heard?

Sorry to lower the tone and ask a hi-fi related question. Just wondering if anyone’s heard any of these speakers? They seem to be getting good press but don’t know if that’s just because they’re the shiny new kids on the block.

Just wondering if they live up to the hype.

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Not horns so…



ah great clip from a great film , what hype ?? i havn`t even heard of them

Ceramic drivers have never appealed when I’ve heard them tbh.

Tidal is imo not really new. Heared them some years ago in Munich.
Guess it’s a matter of taste, I quite liked them.
As I also like Gauder which has ceramic drivers from the same supplier.

I’m a fan - thought they sounded superb in Munich this year.

And they’re not horns, which is always a HUGE plus. :tongue: