Timex Allied 3 GMT watch - Forum Fundraiser

Worn about 6 times at most, but we don’t have foreign holidays any more, so no need for a waterproof second-time-zone watch! :sob:

It’s a really good all-rounder - quartz movement, ‘Indiglo’ backlighting, and the GMT hand has a separate button that advances it instantly without changing the main time setting. 100m WR.
Rotating bezel means you can, in effect, track 3 time zones.
43mm wide by 13mm deep, but quite light and very comfy, and wears smaller than the numbers suggest.

It’s in mint condition with all original box and papers from 2019 when I bought it new direct from Timex. Obviously an ideal holiday or beater watch - wear it where you don’t dare take your BLNR ‘Batman’…

Cost me £135 - so how about £75 (F&F) to the Abattoir fundraiser PayPal.Me and I will cover postage.



Otherwise it’s going to have to go in the dreaded Lopwell Raffle… :skull_and_crossbones:

Commendable and wise.

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PM your address Matt and I’ll post it to you - we’ll make these stingy bastards suffer, one way or the other! :angry: