Today I have mainly been V2.0



Haven’t you got nurses to chase and quacks to mither?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thanks everyone for the kind comments, boarding the flight in 10 minutes


It’s not as if you will be retiring THAT early, is it ? What, couple of years ?
Think of the time you could spend on hols in Oz :+1:


Made two bird nest boxes and put up seven around the garden.
There were blue tits checking some out inside 10 minutes.


Considering getting a different job.

Oops, pressed wrong reply button!


Go for it !

The AA magician vacancy has been filled already. Make two boxes and put up seven :smiley:


goodness , thats quick . wish we had that sort of success


Devon/Cornwall. I bet they’re not there most of the time.



So much this. Grab it while you can. :+1:t3:


Best wishes to Lou and Paul. Curious about the details of the hotel, when you get there safe.


Another easy 25 mile bike ride from Xabia, under Montgo @Nick_Dartmoor, passing this chap pruning his grapes.

The front of the wagon was pretty smart


Was due to be going to a gig in Exeter,but can’t be arsed


@Jim tried that for a few years but it did little to reduce the toxic output so he gave up.


Being a bit cross at myself. The kids were baptised Catholic yesterday. It was their choice, probably influenced by our school choice though.
I was 13 last time I denounced Satan to a priest, made me feel a bit dirty doing it again yesterday :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Ah well, just think of all the guilt they will carry with them :grin:


I did that during basic training as the confirmation classes were the same evening as some other bullshit.

It feels quite good to tell people that I’m a lapsed catholic :pray::fire::pray:


As long as you kept your fingers crossed behind your back I don’t think it will count. Oh, hang on, maybe it’s the other way round … ?

If it was their choice then, well, good. You might have to tread a fine line between helping them think the whole thing through as they get older and upsetting/alienating/driving them deeper into it simply because teenagers know that everything their dad thinks must, by definition, be wrong.

When Mrs VB left home to go to uni she split up with her then boyfriend, who was two years older and already a medical student. The split was amicable and he said that with her best interests at heart he had just one piece of advice: Try everything except hallucinogens and be very, very wary of the Christians.



The hallucinogens are a walk in the park by comparison.


The Aussie comic Jim Jeffries says ‘fuck it, why does it matter if I lie in church?’


We have lots of blue tits in our garden in brum , we were going through 4 fatballs a week but my rather keen gardener neighbour trimmed the fence ivy too much and the food lasts a lot longer