Today I have mainly been V2.0



There, much better now


Waiting for these :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Quite nice. Big, well furnished rooms. Spotless, modern building which is attached to the hospital.

It has a typical hotel style restaurant. My scallop starter was very nice, the burger pretty average.


sorry to hear mate, hope all goes well


Ripping cds. Had to download a new version of dbpoweramp, it seems things have moved on since 2015 :smile:


Having lunch and playing with my phone downgrade


Two more nest boxes made and installed today. Total is now ten - These with 28mm holes to suit birds bigger than blue tits. They are proving very popular


you need to rig some up with some little cameras inside and you can broadcast your tits to the world


You should know :wink:


Hint, if you want to broadcast your wife’s tits then the ‘what I am drinking’ and ‘pork fat therapy’ are ideal if thinly veiled subterfuge :+1:


… outnumbered 10:1 by Norn Irish women.

Currently reduced to the role of barman doing a roaring trade in Manhattans, G&T and the odd Old Fashioned.


Great walk round Bewdley with Jan and the dogs. Along the Severn then up through the Wyre Forest for about 10 miles. Lovely weather and easy walking.


Right by our neck of the woods, we do that walk too.


spent 6 hours with heating engineer , wrestling with 3 sets of taps as the kind soul who fitted the bath made them so they would not fit any other mixer , then found someone removed smoke alarm and put themselves at risk . also boiler needed a lot of work with various leaks and new diverter needed . a very expensive day !!


Yes, thought of you as we were walking round. Bit messy at the top just past the disused railway line where they are logging / coppicing (apparently a mini “Go Apes” area for a school according the the boss).

Got a bit lost in the mass of bike trails on the way down through Ribbesford Woods but lovely area to walk. We plan to go back in the summer.


Arrived home from Glasgow, this evening. Yesterday couldn’t have gone much better, they’re going to operate and possibly within the next two months or so.


Still quite a substantial risk involved, but the surgeon instilled sufficient confidence in both of us that it’s going to happen. :smile:

Can’t say how much all of the staff we met at the Royal Jubilee Hospital Glasgow impressed me. :+1::+1::+1:


Excellent result.


Wonderful news!


Result. As good as you both could have hoped for :+1: