Today I have mainly been V5.0

The capital outlay is quite substantial for what is usually a couple of hours inconvenience, 2 or 3 times a year.

Same issue with buying a petrol generator.

Plus a few jerry cans of petrol will run for days when you need it. Nice clean sine wave. Enough grunt to start the fridge/freezer compressor motors.

This one’s thirstier (and, in this case, tattier) but it’s electric start and gruntier too and if you’re handy you can divert the cooling water through one or two house rads to keep yourself warm as well as well-lit.

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Straight no from the mrs, log burners are for people our holiday cabins only.

Everything I own is too fat for the gap unfortunately

Doing the annual accounts, please shoot me now.

Realising that I may have gone a bit stupid with the dividends last year and my self assessment bill is going to cancel out the deficit created by Liz Truss.


Am off to the classifieds😁


fill yer boots :slight_smile:

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Finished mine last week, every year I tell myself to deal with receipts monthly rather than shoving them in a box.

Would also help if i printed receipts out at the time of purchase rather than doing email searches!


Meeting the locals down the pub. @Mrs_Maureen_OPinion Marrio says hi to you and Sam.



Say ‘hi’ from us right on back next time you’re there Mick - bluddy ace boozer that is :+1:


Ordering a tonne of smokeless anthracite-based ovoids for delivery this Friday.

Last time I ordered them - £400

This time - £614


I’m not googling it as it may spoil the best sentance I’ve read all day

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Installing and restoring a backup onto a replacement NAS.

I’ve got Mr Stabby the screwdriver.

What could possibly go wrong?

Just avoid a hand/screwdriver interface and all will be well.

Still recovering from stabbing myself in the hand with an ice pick a couple of weeks ago :laughing:

You’d be surprised at the number of people who hold a tool in one hand and then end up directing it at their other hand😁

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Disc assembled with only light casualties.

Restore running now after a bit of faffing. All the accounts and passwords had to change because they failed more modern complexity requirements.

Personally I can’t see what’s wrong with admin/tits123 :angry:


Unless one hand has a boxing glove on and the other is holding a box of Kleenex.

@Valvebloke may be able to advise :thinking:


I went for a stroll down memory lane in @htm_1968 ‘s neck of the woods to have a look at the John Lennon sculpture, which is better than the one at the airport imo

I still have the copies of Starman, Children of the revolution, All the young dudes that I bought at this branch of W.H. Smith


You were literally 150 meters from my house. You should have got in touch.

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