Today I have mainly been V5.0

I laugh in the face of mocking nay sayers


My main concern is there is a ball bearing involved that’s the wrong side of gravity.

The patient

The guts

The bearing

Cleaned and new grease applied

No difference whatsoever,currently in talks with my solicitor to sue the YouTube clown


Anything is possible with a hammer…


What’s actually wrong with it (apart from containing most of a Ginsters pasty by the look of it)?


Suspect it’s more to do with it being a Micromega. Never had one, but have a rep for unreliability.


He is expecting a Micromega to work?


Yes just gave the tray a clean.

Skipping even on new discs.

It uses a cdm 4/19 that were used in loads of players,problem being they are all approx 30 years old the same as this micromega

I’ve had around a dozen micromegas over the years,the most problematic ones were the stage series.

Really should of kept this one


Sadly it’s going to be the laser. They can potentially be bought back to life with some diligent cleaning and fettling, but it’s a down-the-microscope job pretty much for our age group. That annoying Lampizator twat has a good how-to on his archived website:


Look at that. Stone cold classic.


Will give the laser a try,if not I’ll get a cheap Phillips/Technics of whatever turns up on fb with the same mech locally.

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Yes, yes, you really should have.

I have a Micromega Stage 2 and it is a fab thing to look at and listen to.

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Would like to get another stage at some point

Mine has been boxed up for a couple of years, but just sounds too good to sell, for the buttons I would get for it.

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Turned on the 'puter with all my flac music files in jriver (which i haven’t upgraded for over 10 yrs).
Can’t remember the last time I used it tbh, have been comfortable with Spotify via my phone.

I’d like to think the flacs are easier to listen to. Bet I wouldn’t be able to tell if I didn’t know. Sound quality aside, it seems a tad old fashioned now to play music from an on-prem HDD.

Also been messing around with Dirac within the Flex-4. In the olden days I’d have banged on over 4 paragraphs about how this is the most natural and dynamic sound I’ve ever had in my house.
In short it has been well worth the money, time and effort.


Definitely worth a try - alongside a rep for flakiness, Micromega’s also remembered for great sounding CDPs and DACs.

FWIW, I’d like to think they’re not better sounding, because it’s a PITA compared with the laziest options, but after I’d transferred my old WAV rips to the new lappy, I had a listen to a few.

They sounded immediately better than similar bitrate stuff streamed over the same connection…

Just in the process of convincing myself it was imaginary, which I’m sure it was.

I mean, it has to be, right?

still getting used to new white goods.

The washing machine washes clothes. It isn’t some needy drama queen. It doesn’t shit itself, flood the garage or make a noise like a Samoan war party charging into battle.

The fridge doesn’t have a spin cycle. Or randomly go BANG a few times a day. It fridges. That’s it. And the lights work. All of them.

Woot for the 21st century.


I have a big old Teac VRDS player with a misbehaving KSS151 so I’ll try his cleaning suggestion. Thks.