Today I have mainly been V5.0

Beach and Moors - spot the sea horse


Nope, can’t see it

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I like your thinking there Dave :+1:

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Having to go to London to run an all day session for the client.

Haven’t had to do this kind of thing for about 4 years or so, and even though I’m only on the train heading down I’m hating it already :tired_face:


Heading out for my first volunteering shift since the accident (that’s where I was going when I was in the bike/bus collision). I’ve missed the place.


Good Luck Graeme, and good on you.

“Live” hacking technical interview
Don’t even want the role

Spent Saturday in Hartlepool at NEBO. We had a Thorens 160 and a custom Lenco to choose from for front end, a Project EAT, or Firebottle Valve MC phono, Primaluna Integrated or Firebottle pre/Neurochrome power and my Tannoys or a pair of Thiele CS2 speakers. It was in the back room of the Nursery pub and I don’t think my poor Tannoys have played that loud for that long ever before :sunglasses:

A wide range of music from my shite (Leprous, VNV Nation, Gary Numan) , to Quincy Jones, some ZZ top, Mongolian throat heavy metal (The Hu - its much better than you think!) all sorts.

Top day. Food nowhere near Settle levels, but nice pies and pizza, and a bar… so pretty good.


It was dreadful. I think I’ll try to avoid doing that again in a hurry. On the train in I was sat next to some IT consultant who was shouting down his phone and patronising his junior sat opposite. One of those fuckers who says ‘yeh?’ rhetorically at the end of each sentence :roll_eyes:


That seems like a small room for such an event

I was more surprised to read that toddlers have a pub - no wonder child care’s so expensive…

You would be surprised at a lot of things in Hartlepool


Tim Martin probably had it put onto Ofsted’s requirements checklist when Gavin Williamson was Education Sec.


It worked pretty well as there were only about 8 of us. Kit on the little stage and plenty of room for seats. Not too big a room for domestic speakers to fill either.

Ah well, that makes more sense.

Participant numbers have seriously dropped off then.

Yes, quite a low turnout

Steve was a bit disappointed initially but the upside is kit stayed in place for a decent period (at least one side in most cases) and he seemed to enjoy the day.

Twice the people would have been about the max in there to stay comfy but I don’t like things crowded. it was a reasonable room acoustically with a pretty solid floor - certainly more forgiving than than lounge at settle

Yeah, they hosted a folk club in there for donkey’s years.

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Some comment about seeing them at the Roundhouse back in the day.

Booking my autumn covid booster jab. An e-mail from ‘covid19 e-mail invitations’ came through with a link to my local centres. I’ll be jabbed at the Kassam stadium on Saturday lunchtime. Fortunately Oxford United are away to Charlton Athletic this weekend so there should be no trouble getting a parking space.