Today I have mainly been


Broke the last one did we :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That’ll be all the Toblerone! :grinning:


It was held up with Toblerones and I’ve eaten them all.


Yes :+1:


yes i am sure they have some magic to clean ovens as brillo pads is sheer hard work !!


I’m not in software, but that is all very familiar :stuck_out_tongue:


To the Modigliani exhibition at the Tate Modern, and the Churchill war rooms. Twas lovely. Fish n chips fer me tea.


learning to suck coffee through a penguin before devouring said coffee soaked penguin.

I’m bored:)


Biscuit or bird?


Biscuit, for now .


Reminded that most supermarkets work on a Just in Time delivery system which apparently has little resilience and which can be easily wiped out by events. 3 of them this afternoon utterly cleared of veg & fresh milk. It was how I imagine living in Russia might have been during the cold war.

Fortunately we didn’t need either milk or veg today.


Had to get powdered milk earlier



After a couple of days of winter storms, Tesco (Lerwick) is totally devoid of anything fresh. It almost reminds me of the supermarkets in Dubrovnik in the mid '80’s. Four isles full of tins of pineapple chunks, another isle full of tins of prunes and another six isles of empty shelves. It’s no wonder there were a lot of miserable people there and even less wonder that it ended up in a horrendous civil war.




Massive fry-up.
Epic snowball fight.
Rugby on the telly.
Huge beer session.


Would make for interesting viewing.


He does live on an island, surrounded by other islands…so the spelling might be ok :smile:


Isle of pineapple chunks :+1:
isle of prunes :-1:


Yep, an isle of pineapple chunks is ok, providing nobody’s making pizza with them :wink:


Rong - Hawaiian pizza is epic, 'specially with lots of seafood lobbed on there :sunglasses::heart_eyes: