Today I have mainly been


Yeah?..Well it can fuck off to Hawaii then :grimacing:


If by ‘epic’ you actually mean ‘abomination’ then :+1:


[Coco in 5 - 4 - 3 -]

Haha! Beat me to it!


This was yesterday actually but anyway.

A trip round the houses to York behind Oliver Cromwell. Lots of snow everywhere but a on time arrival at York.

This was Ollie arriving at St Albans at early o’clock.


And this was crossing the Harringworth Viaduct. Note the excellent effect the arches had blocking some of the drifting snow.



Making tape cassettes, just for the hell of it.
And trying to figure out the meaning of life :cloud:️:bulb::cloud:️:crazy_face:


From Brighton to home; Taxi, train, bus, train, train, and taxi. Now home


Working this morning plus a lunchtime meeting.

Now relaxing with radio and Sunday paper.


Walking downriver from Lopwell. I’d intended to walk across the causeway given it was low tide but there’s so much melt water coming down the river it would have been impossible today.

Down to Blaxton Creek where there are the remains of a 19th Century tidal mill.


You need a tape player for the car now :slight_smile:


Spent 2 hours trying to find a shop that sold plastic snow shovels ,Pound Strecher £8.00 but all gone eventually found a hardware shop who had 3 left (£5.99) ,got home and shovelled the snow / ice ,just about at the end the shaft snapped …:rage: Now trying to fathom out how to load photos on here :thinking:


Well the bonus is if you repair it you can call it Triggers Shovel.


Used gaffer tape to make the repair


More messing with hornresp.



I’ve been shouting at my computer.

I stopped when I, you know, read the preferences tick box text properly in REW.


Trains,planes and automobiles followed by 4 days of yehaw and howdee, then more trains ,planes and automobiles.


You visiting Paul in Fetlar ?



Dribbling around the house/brewery after finishing night shifts. cooking BBQ for lunch, drinking, hanging picture frames, clearing out junk.
No sleep for 30 hours so far. Still, mustn’t grumble :+1:


Arrived at Nelson Gin School Uttoxeter.


Pretty much spent the last 3x days spewing my guts up after a very dodgy chinese on Friday night.

Have never had food poisoning before and my stomach will happily digest plastic or metal but this was fucking horrible.