Today I have mainly been


Had to go up That London. Specifically the Aldwych. Both of our passports were due for renewal, so had to go into Straya Howse.


Awful place, populated by the most humourless cunts on the face of the Earth. The heat in Straya must distill the cuntishness to a hitherto unseen level of potency. Add the stress of being a Strayan living in London and not working in a Pub and the place is positively seething. Best visited in the early morning followed by a day on the piss and/or vinyl shopping.


We had a decent lunch then went to our prebooked appointment.
Security would put Tel Aviv airport to shame. Secure isolated box after secure isolated box, scanned, screened, and searched first. Then allowed to pass through to sit in a hall with a bunch of displaced yokels with no teeth and mullets, waiting to talk to a humourless cunt behind glass.
The person we spoke to was a Pom, so all was good.




Handing over Karan amp to Mike @MikeP and Gregg @catcando
Good to meet you both and hope you enjoyed the pizza :wink:


Accidentally exerted myself and installed some LED strips in the basement. Some pleasing jaunty curves.

Shit, once I tidy up there will be no excuse for not sorting out the system :scream:


Yes! I have been thinking of your system recently. Possibly the ugliest, bat shit crazy, hifi system ever. I loved it! When are you going to do this? The comp’ driven mid-bass had huge potential. :+1:


As the new rack has arrived, I will be building it, there may be some swearing and shouting going on. Lets hope the instructions are in the box.


Any recommendations? Looking to replace knackered fluorescents in the garage.


You can get LED tubes that will directly replace the flourescent ones - no need to replace the entire fitting.



That would make my life a lot easier.


Sitting on my arse listening to some new speaks. Noice, but I must get the doggos walked!


What are they? I require nice pretty pictures to dream about.


It’s a secret.



Acoustimass 10 or 15?


Mine are the 12V waterproof strips that stick onto surfaces. You can cut them and arrange them how you like. Peanuts on eBay, although make sure you get warm white not cool, as the latter can be quite blue.

Also have RGB ones under the kids’ high beds, which are fun, and have remote controls.


Tired, just fucking tired all day. More fucking shit tomorrow to add to the fatigue. (It’s going well.)


:angry: . . . if it wasn’t for you meddling kids . . .


They are nice.


Ah right. Cheers. Bizarrely I have those in my garden (I didn’t put them there).