Today I have mainly been


How many balls did he get through?


A valiant effort … but I’m wise to your crude troll. :slight_smile:


About the same number as me!
It was a great day, 3 man team comp, Stableford full handicap best two scores per hole score, we came in with 80 points. Just out of the prizes.


Leaning once again that the UK doesn’t do Service and that Rednecks and Hill Billies are in fact Scotch.

Oh, also that what we call snow is in fact nowt but a light dusting and that we have no idea how to clear snow in any meaningful way.

Trucks, trucks are fucking epic and our petrol price needs to be way lower so we can afford to run one at the weekend.

Jetlag is a cunt as is the Piccadilly line.

English bacon is fucking epic, never take it for granted.


I ended up curing my own, and making my own sausages :sob:


Absolutely spot on.


Worse, the KKK was started by Scots I believe. Also, let’s not forget that the fascist tango chimp in the White House has a Scottish mother.


Claire is having her 50th birthday party tonight. 40 odd people coming. So today I will mostly be cooking, tidying and jetwashing the patio & decking.
I am also under strict instructions to behave myself tonight and not get shitfaced. :scream:


AA members?


Haha, took me a few seconds to get that one and I was about to lament the lack of meatmen attending!

Mind you, I think I’d need to increase the booze budget quite considerably if they were…




Next time you play there, come and visit!


we can supply our own, what’s your address? Just publish it here.

it’d be fun to repeat the events of my 50th on someone else’s behalf.


Getting ready for a session on the quench in Toon.

Beer beer we want more beer … The lads are cheerin’ … get the fuckin’ beers in.


Coughing, sniffing, feeling generally manflu-ish.


Just woken up, shit Ms ICHM is popping over :scream::scream::scream::scream:


Have to make cremes bruleè on my return for lunch tomorrow.

What could possibly go wrong?


Better clear those jazz mags and swarfega away quickly then.


Waiting for 1pm so that I can catch a train to pubsville for an afternoons Rugby, Beer, Crisps and shenanigans.


Your French :stuck_out_tongue: