Today I have mainly been


Im on a bus right now, it’s too warm and smelly. Can’t wait to get off.


That’s cos every cunt has still got their coat on from last week :roll_eyes:


Yep. Smells like a vintage clothes shop. Thermostat must be set to 27 as well


You’re so old hat, it’s all online now :thinking:


You can get Swarfega online ?



With grit, for hard core hand action:


more like.


We know a song about that

“Rich girls they use vaseline
poor girls they use lard
Dinah uses axle grease
her cunt’s so fucking hard”

Oi !!


Feeling chuffed with myself today as I finally got around to sorting out my amps and managing to fit them inside my oak cabinet. It took a jigsaw to remove the rear panels enough to get the amps in and hopefully allow enough air flow to keep them cool. They don’t run that hot and not worked hard, but I’ll probably bring my cordless drill home from work and make some more ventilation holes.

Look much neater.


Did some charity shop browsing and picked-up some nice classical stuff in what appears to be clean, unplayed condition.

And then, following an abortive trawl through some antique shops, found an decent designer jeweller in town - rather to our surprise TBH - found and ordered our ideal matching wedding bands.

Now drinking tea and waiting for the Thugby to start…


That just reminded me… you are actually getting married and grown up ‘n’ shut. :slight_smile:

Good on ye!


I don’t believe you


Let’s not get carried away here - getting married, yes. :+1:

Had a skinful last night, feeling jaded and headache-y today, so, so-far, just tea.

Might potter down The Ship later mind…


You having had a skinful and feeling like shit is not the surprise, it is the combination of drinking tea and watching rugby which is surprising, as I thought they were mutually exclusive




Fair point, well made, I have a feeling this won’t be a game to watch sober, either…


Hungover as a dog.


Putting up curtains :weary:


Making waffles (and eating them).


Masking, painting, cleaning