Today I have mainly been


At work whilst my darling other half supervises the landscaping of our back garden.


Best of luck with it all.


All the best :pray:


On the beach at Scarfolk^H^H^H^Hborough.


Meeting over and it looks like the project team is going to be heavily culled from 340 to 140-160. Grim news for those involved but, as someone who has only just joined, it’s probably no bad thing. The project has become too unwieldy and has lost its way, so time for a shake-up.

And, no - I haven’t heard if I’m on the list. But as they are very short of planners I remain hopeful. Tomorrow we will find out for sure, which just leaves me to enjoy a couple of beers in the garden tonight and worry about it in the morning.

Thanks for all your messages :+1:


Post Bank Holiday hardware/garden centre shopping. Bits & bobs that I needed/wanted. Plus another gas bottle for my other BBQ.
Some wine/beer purchased from the neighbouring superstore because “fuck it I’ve a few more days off work”.

Fitted a ball valve tap to my brewing boiler. Enlarged the standard 15mm catering tap hole to 22mm. Learnt that I needed to do more research. Silicone washers are needed. Order placed with my home brew supplier.
Brewing on hold until they arrive.


Falling asleep in the sun. Utterly fucked now.


visted valveblokes place yesterday , ah at least it reminded me of it !!!

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went back in time , maybe some of you older ones remember it !!! :rofl:

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actually it was black country living museum , one of the most interesting museums i have ever been to


My place isn’t that tidy !





We have two compost heaps, both ridiculously large, one of them isn’t even meant to exist but for the fact I am much better at chopping stuff down than I am at processing it… Heap B is over 2m high, and 10m square, mostly privet and holly from taking the hedge down by 6 feet… Most of today has been spent pushing this heap through a mulcher and spreading it on some of the beds, or burning the stuff that’s more ballachce to mulch than is worth. Only half way through, despite Sam getting home and putting-in an hour… Hope the rain holds off tomorrow. Absolutely fucked!


My compost bins exist only to swallow garden detritus and provide a nursery for Rose Chafers and the like.


I wish I could confine it to a bin! The main heap’s a topographical feature, chiefly on account of there being rather more garden than I like to admit to (much less, manage), and it having been allowed to grow rampantly for several years before we arrived…


Don’t know how he did it but my dad used to run marathons in Baghdad during the summer, used to hit 45-50c quite easily.


Surely marathons are better held in I-ran?


I only liked that out of sympathy.






Limited good news - I am not on the initial tranche of leavers. Two more tranches to go - one by the end of May, the other by mid June. :+1::grinning:


So, do we think Rafa will stay at Newcastle?