Today I have mainly been



Sodder’s Tor ?


I thnk - so he clearly lkes the pies.


Ripped to shreds I believe. Needs to cut back on the sand in the swarfega.



Did I leave the webcam on again . . . ?


Electrical disasters:

  1. Yesterday my car (Disco 4) while driving, with no warning - all electrics shut off, everything off, so no signals, lights, nothing and has continued to do so intermittently. Engine carries on running. But could have been catastrophic if I’d been in the fast lane of the M’wy when it happened. In for diagnostic tests tomorrow, but I feel this may be up for sale soon.

  2. My (brand new) Luxman amp blew up this afternoon while I was at work. Jo came back to a high pitched squeal from the power conditioner. Seems to have killed the Power Inspired too. Amp now dead as a dodo, so will be calling Fanthorpes in the morning.

Feel completely jinxed this evening grrr.


Started off well. Walked the dogs through the woods.

Views over the Clee Hills.

And then car wash, Dunelm, Boots, Sainsburys and Aldi.

Finally out in the garden and the pub for a few pints of Doombar.


Accidental damage claim on the ins for the regenerator?


Yes, I was wondering about that too; not at all sure what has caused the amp to blow though. Also may not be worth claiming as I think my excess is c. £200.

Clusterfuck basically.

No music either…


Bloody hell Ben what a nightmare - hope it’s not as bad as it sounds


Dry heat is still f’ing hot. I somehow ended up visiting death valley during an unseasonably warm 48 hours. Peaked at 52 degC. We ventured out when the sun went down (43degC) and the wind picked up, getting to the hotel bar across the 30m carpark was like walking into a gigantic hairdryer - disorientating , bordering on scary. I wouldn’t want to experience that again


I’ve only been to Death Valley once - 1982 IIRC, April or May. Unearthly. I was in a VW camper with a few friends. The van had an electrical fault and we had to push start it. Not a place to break down. Weirdest thing was that from the furnace heat we could see Mt Whitney. Which had snow on it.



I was there once too, just ahead of that we drove up through Sonora pass …huge snowdrifts, threats of the pass being closed but then down into the blazing heat of Death Valley, surreal but an amazing country of striking contrasts.




Well, first world problems of course Allan but you don’t expect expensive gear to fail so spectacularly :wink: and most traumatic of all…no music!

Back up system will be put into place tomorrow though.


Today I will mostly be trying to come up with menu ideas for two weeks’ worth of outside catering. It’s made rather challenging by the request that it should be healthy, primarily vegetarian and low in gluten.




If you know any Indian people who are vegetarian, go and raid their cookbooks. Then go and raid a proper Indian supermarket for the quantites of ingredients you will need.



Main thing is the Disco failure wasn’t catastrophic and that you’re okay. I can see why you’d want to move the car on after that. What you need now is a nice safe Volvo :slightly_smiling_face:

Bloody hifi :weary:


Cheers Wayne - had an ‘interesting’ drive to the garage this morning, keyless start, no electrics, pissing other drivers off left, right and centre as I took turns without signalling. Highly illegal I’m sure but at least it’s now in the garage.

After the last few days I suddenly feel massively distrustful of any electronics, takes very little to undermine ones belief in something. And so much for Japanese manufacturing standards.

Yes I was looking at the Volvos - I used to have the old XC90 which I liked a lot. The new XC90 is very pricey though. How’s yours?

Car threads for me going forward yay.