Today I have mainly been


Brill, yes please - inc gospel too :+1:



Persiana is very good. But Yotam Ottolenghi (Jerusalem) is better IMO


My favourite cuisine -


also another good book - my fav cuisine as well.

When all my mates were inter railing round Europe I was in Syria/Jordan/Lebanon


Basically if you’re catering for veggies you can’t go wrong with Indian, Persian, Mexican. If they’re less health conscious then Italian recipes convert very easily too.


I would add Greek and Turkish - they have loads to offer the veggie


I’d just give them sausages & steak. Bloody fusspots.


In Plymouth mat? I’ve got a kid free weekend


Even better in Exeter I’ll defo see you there


Exeter, Corn Exchange, George St, Exeter EX1 1BU. 10 til 3. If you’re keen arrive before 9, (A vast majority of decent gear gets sold before the doors open to the public)


Fixing my leaky boiler with silicone washers and PTFE.
Descaling my coffee machine.
Cooking meat on the BBQ.

My life is full of win :unamused:


Hi Darren @Turningjapanese ,

Any news on a possible ETA for this yet ?



Ping me your address and will book a trip to Luton in the diary in early June (on hols in May now)



Working from home this morning (overtime=moar vinyls)

Off to the pub later to watch the rugby. :beers::beers::beers::zzz:


Went to cut the grass then remembered I don’t have to,so sat down and had a coffee


was that a tall skinny rice milk cold brew decaff latte?




Being sustained by johns sausage rolls


You should give it some rice and tomato lawn feed to make it grow :wink: